The Trading Symposium hosted a webinar with a trading expert every weekday from Monday 16th May right through to Friday 17th June 2011. Every speaker donated their time to help raise money for earthquake victims. Please view the recordings below and help us continue to raise money well into the future.

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Larry Williams


Larry’s Forecasts for 2011 – Stocks, Metals, Energies & more!

  • See Larry’s forecast that called – in advance – the 2011 first of the year stock market rally, market break and recovery
  • Learn when Larry expects the next market decline and why… as well as when that will set up a buy point
  • When will this ‘yo yo’ market end and the next major bull market begin?
  • See and learn how Larry forecasts gold and the energies and how the forecasts are pointing to a major move coming soon

Linda Bradford Raschke


Market Structure and  Trade Management Strategies

Jake Bernstein


Rule Based Trading = High Odds of Success: How It's Done

  • The STF Trading Model for Profitable Trading in Stocks, FOREX and Futures
  • Highly valid high odds patterns
  • 3 Profit Maximizing Strategies using a fully objective trading model
  • Finding and trading the best trades: How I do it
  • Two high odds day trade patterns and their application
  • When less is more: The Power of Focus

Mark Douglas


Trading Webinar with Mark Douglas

Gary Stone will be interviewing Mark Douglas to provide a unique insight into the mind of one of the biggest names in trading today. 

Jack Schwager

NOT RECORDED at the request of the presenter.

Common Denominators of the Market Wizards

What traits set apart the extraordinarily successful managers from everyone else? In this talk, Jack Schwager draws upon the common denominators of the traders he interviewed in his Market Wizard books, including many of the hedge fund legends, to outline the key principals of success in trading.

Nick McDonald


Precise Technical Trading Strategies for Consistent Returns

Some people trade trends, others trade clusters… Nick will show you how to combine both methods for the highest probability trading opportunities. Locate and trade off clusters of support and resistance using pivot points, Fibonacci, moving average zones and price action. Understand the most important technical tool at a traders disposal – the price action trend confirmed across multiple timeframes. Nick will be teaching trading methods for use across multiple markets and timeframes that have never before been taught outside of his paid workshops.

John Carter & Rob Hoffman


The One Setup I Would Do For the Rest of My Life

Join professional traders John Carter, Hubert Senters and Rob Hoffman of as they dig into and answer the one question they get asked the most, which is, "If you could only choose one of your setups to use for the rest of you life, which one would it be?"  Each trader will clearly identify the one setup they'd use, and the market or markets it best applies, and explain why they like this particular setup above all of the others that they use each and every day.  Not only will this discussion be insightful, but it will leave traders with specific action plans that can be utilized the very next trading session.

Jeffrey Kennedy


How to Use the Wave Principle as a Trading Methodology


  • Why do people have difficulty trading the Wave Principle
  • How the Wave Principle improves trading
  • Elliott wave entry points and protective stops
  • Putting the Wave Principle to work  
  • The five essential steps to identify a high probability trade setup

Kathy Lien


5 Dynamic Ways to Trade Forex

  • Trading currencies can be mind-boggling but Kathy Lien, a world renowned Currency Strategist and internationally published author of the best selling book Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market will teach you 5 Dynamic Ways to Forex.  This jam packed session will include methods to join a trend, pick a top or bottom and how to apply Warren Buffet's investment philosophies to Forex trading.  Kathy will also walk you through her trading day.   As a trader first and an analyst second, Kathy has direct interbank trading experience, having learned the business as an FX dealer at JPMorgan Chase.   She is also a partner of BKForex Advisor and the Director of Currency Research for GFT.

Van K. Tharp


Ask Van - A Live Q & A Session With Van K. Tharp

  • In the unique arena of professional trading coaches and consultants, Van K. Tharp stands out as an international leader in the industry. Helping others become the best trader or investor that they can be has been Tharp's mission since 1982. Dr. Tharp offers unique learning strategies, and his techniques for producing great traders are some of the most effective in the field. Over the years Tharp has helped people overcome problems in areas of system development and trading psychology, and success related issues such as self-sabotage.

Charles Cottle


More Shapes to Hedge Into – Hybrid Hedges

  • The Hedging World has 3 Shapes: 1) Covered Write – The Shape of a Short Put.  2) Bull Collar –  The Shape of a Bull Vertical Spread and 3) Married Put – The Shape of a Long Call.  That’s it!  I will explore 7 more compelling Shapes that ‘Options Only’ Strategists love to trade: BearCollarHedge, ButterflyHedge, CondorHedge, BrokenWingButterflyHedge, BrokenWing, CondorHedge, SlingshotHedge, CalendarHedge.  The Dream: Hybrid Hedging in a Single Click/Fill Order.

Tom Hougaard

NOT RECORDED at the request of the presenter.

Time Cycles in Stock Indices

Nigel Babbage

Cautionary Tales from the Currency Trading Trenches


Markus Heitkoetter & Mark Hodge

A Powerful Day Trading Strategy


Steve Misic (Filling in for Sam Seiden)

Market Timing In Any Market And Any Time Frame


Larry Pesavento


Pattern Recognition Swing Trading

  • The History and Development of Pattern Recognition
  • Practical Proof of the Validity and Applications of Pattern Recognition
  • Why Pattern Recognition Swing Trading works
  • Timing the market using Astro Harmonic Cycle
  • The 10 best buy & sell patterns

Tim Rea

Interview with an Undisputed Trading Expert


Fausto Pugliese

How to Beat Market Makers at Their Own Game: Uncovering the Mysteries of Level II and ECNs


Steve Ward

How To Overcome Your Trading Fears


Mike Bellafiore

The PlayBook: Set ups for Your PlayBook


Bill Dennis

Neural Networking and Machine Learning


Mike Taylor

Small Cap Trading Strategies from NZ’s Leading Fund Manager


Scott Andrews

Avoid Trader Burnout by Mastering Probabilities, Not Charts


Tom Busby

Tape Reading & Technical Analysis: A Marriage Made in Heaven


Wayne McDonell

A Smart Plan for Every Trade


Jim Crimmins

Tax Efficient Trading


Sunny Harris

Haps & Hazards of BackTesting


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