The Trading Symposium is raising money for earthquake victims around the world following the devastating events in Christchurch (NZ) and Japan. Please give generously today as your money is needed desperately by those affected. Thereafter check back to this website regularly for further updates.

Details for Participants

  • Once you have made a donation, you must check back to this site regularly for the list of speaking engagements and details of how to join the online events.
  • Webinar Recordings: It is at the sole discretion of the presenter whether their webinar recording will be made available or not. Although we cannot 100% confirm that every webinar will be recorded, we expect the majority will be. Please check back after the webinar concludes for the recording link. Important Note: we cannot provide technical support for any issues with recording playback.
  • All events will be held online via webinar on differing dates and at times to suit the speakers and time zones involved.
  • All money goes directly to charity and therefore your contact details are NOT held by the Trading Symposium and you will not be contacted by us with any event details. You must check back to this site regularly.
  • The Trading Symposium for earthquake victims is possible only because of the goodwill of the sponsors and organisers involved. Attendance at events and the subsequent donations required is also based on your own goodwill.
  • With money going directly to charity we cannot ensure that you donate before attending an event, we do however ask that you give very generously for those in the world who require it right now.
  • You can help out hugely by passing the details of this event on to your favourite traders / investors worldwide who you think would be good for the speaking agenda as well as your brokers and trading platforms for sponsorship. The more support we have from them, the more money we can raise. Please do whatever you can to help and we thank you in advance for your support.

Details for Sponsors & Speakers

  • We are looking for high profile speakers to add to our agenda. Please contact us with your bio if you would like to speak.
  • Sponsorship is very welcome from all related financial institutions including but not limited to brokers, exchanges, trading educators, charting packages and trading related websites. All that we ask for is a charity donation via our donation pages at your discretion and most importantly, promotion of this event to your client base. The more traders that see this event, the more money we will raise.
  • All donations go directly to the Red Cross and no master list is held by the Trading Symposium. Client lists therefore are not held and cannot be used by anyone for commercial purposes.
  • Citrix Online GoToWebinar are the webinar sponsors for the Trading Symposium and have provided a signed letter confirming that they will be managing all attendee and registration information with no details been retained by them after the event.

Below is a special message from New Zealand Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key.

The earthquake in Christchurch on February 22 wreaked death and destruction on a dreadful scale.

John Key

I’d like to extend my deepest sympathies to those of you who have been affected by this tragedy. My thoughts are with you all.

I’d also like to thank everyone who is contributing to this online trading symposium for your generosity and support.

The earthquake marks the beginning of a long and challenging journey for Christchurch. But we are a proud, resilient country and the Government is behind Christchurch 100 per cent of the way.

With the support of many people all over the world, we will get through this.

Though lost lives will never be replaced, and though Christchurch will never look the same again, we will rebuild this great city.

John Key PM message for Trading Symposium websiteThanks again for your support.

Best wishes,

John Key signature

Rt Hon John Key
Prime Minister

The World's Leading Traders 'Speak 4 earthquake victims' Christchurch, NZ & Japan

Live events online commencing May 2011

Trading Symposium - Fundraising for Christchurch, NZ & Japan